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Language Guide

(prepared by Lourdes Revuelta, Senior Language Lecturer)

No Accreditation: CEF Modern Language courses actively encourage a conversational approach in the study of Modern Languages.

Spanish/Italian/French for the Terrified 

This is an introductory course and we will put great emphasis on the spoken aspect of the language. Students will use a textbook and the course will cover basic grammar including the Present Tense.

Spanish /Italian/French for Travellers

This is a basic Spanish/Italian/French course designed for those who travel or want to travel to Spanish/Italian/French speaking countries. Students will learn to communicate with locals whilst abroad for the most practical and essential situations such as making travel  arrangements, ordering food and drink and communicating in an emergency.

Spanish/Italian/French for Beginners

This language course is designed for those who have a basic knowledge but who are looking to develop their confidence in the language. Students will learn the Past and Imperfect Tenses and they will start to describe their daily routine and past events. The course will help them to be able to talk in Spain/Italy/France and to order drinks/food or ask for directions. A textbook will be used.

Moving on in Spanish/Italian/French

This is a language course designed for those who have a fairly good knowledge of the language. Students will be moving towards a more independent use of language through basic conversation and will be developing listening skills to increase confidence. Students will use a textbook and also look at other materials given by the lecturer. Students will generally spend a year (3 terms) on each of these levels and textbooks will be available to purchase from the CEF office.

Spanish/Italian/French for the More Confident

This course is prepared for the more confident students who want to use their knowledge of the target language in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Through different activities they will improve their knowledge of the respective culture. We’ll be using very varied authentic material, including film clips, songs and material from the respective national media.

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