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This is a fly on the wall approach to a lesser known character of the Late Republic. Marcus Porcius Cato was the arch-enemy of Gaius Julius Caesar whom he lashed with his tongue. Eloquent, intelligent and bold: this quixotic character stood firm as Caesar threw everything at him, preferring to die by his own hands rather than be under the ‘rule’ of a tyrant. The Late Republic is arguably the best documented period of Roman History and we will examine the ‘ thrills and spills’ of the period through the literature of the period as much as possible.

No previous knowledge is expected.

Starts: Wednesday 13th September

Time: 10.00 – 12.00pm

Location: Thornhill Centre


Courses marked with a double asterisk** generally recruit large numbers so book early. Unless it is stated otherwise, courses begin on the first week of the term.

  • £120.00 per 10 weeks
  • 70 Days
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